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Physical description[]

Zora is drow women with a stone skin, she has an hourglass figure, with Angel commenting she had a "ridicilously tiny waist" and Draven thinking that her measurements may be more magical than her ability to pass through walls. She also has a Drow accent.


As one of Swayne's deadly riders she is obviously capable of riding a horse, her other abilities include:

Casting Stone spikes as a spell-like ability.

Gliding through stone walls (although Benzagagoth could stop that.)

Able to deliver Mountain hammers (if this is through martial training or because of her stone body boon is not known.)

DR/7 from all physical attacks. (Probably DR/5 from her stone body and +2 from the Ring of Sloth.)

A Rend attack after hitting with two unarmed attacks.


One-shot weapon Crystal. (Used in combination with Mountain Hammer.)

The ring of Sloth that originially came from Balvan.