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Zaheer is a cleric of Ankou and guest member of The Party. His player was only part of the group for one Summer, leading to his being written out of the plot during an adventure in the Feywild, when he was grabbed in the background by some tentacle casters.

He was then held captive by the Vampire King Swayne at Mount Pillar alongside William Black, in the interest of luring Rygax out of hiding, until both were rescued first by The Party and then (along with the rest of The Party) by Rygax.

As one of the NPCs not affected by the Curse of Netharin, he was planeshifted back to the Fadelands by Rygax along with Black Sr. and Daggerface.


Zaheer was born in the desert village of Kuraj, but had to flee when it was destroyed by orcs. He hid in the ruins of the village until no orcs were looking in his direction, then esacaped by tumbling down a dangerous escarpment. He wandered in the desert, slowly starving as the food he had saved from the village ran thin, until he saw a light in the distance. He forced himself to keep moving toward it for eight days until finally collapsing at the base of a lighthouse. However, the light Zaheer followed was not visible from the point where he first saw it (over 300 miles away), implying that he was actually following the spiritual beacon the lighthouse provides for the souls of the dead. Indeed, Zaheer acquired the Tomb-Tainted Soul feat, meaning that he is partway between life and unlife. As a result of this, he has the inversion of positive and negative energy normally seen among undead.