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An Ytarran, wearing the standard artificing bowler hat.

The Ytarrans were a race of Gnome-like humanoids who inhabited the nation of Ytarra until a few centuries before the present day. Their inquisitive nature endeared them to Ytaru, who lived among them as a god (as opposed to incarnating as a mortal) and progressed their technology to such a degree that it is advanced by our real-world standards, in a setting that is otherwise Medieval fantasy.

The Dead Wars[]

(Main article: The Dead Wars)

A pivotal moment in the development of the Ytarran civilisation was the Dead Wars. This was a conflict with a number of Vampire Kings following attempts by the Ytarrans to colonise the Shadowfel. The Ytarrans developed Warforged during this conflict, radically altering Ytarran society as almost all tasks were automated.

The Astral Plague[]

Known Ytarrans[]