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The Ytarran full plate is a suit of full plate armour made by GE-7 over the centuries he was living in Ginaron. Mechanically, It's +2 full plate with +5 to electrical and negative energy resistance, +1 locked gauntlets, a special "stability mode" (toggled as a move action) which imobilises the wearer but doubles the above resistances and gives them +4 to ability checks to resist being tripped, moved or teleported and +2 to saving throws to resist being tripped, moved or teleported. It can be packed or unpacked as a move action and once unpacked can be donned or shed as a full-round action. It also gains electrical backlash properties while within an Ytarran facility.

Cosmetically, it is a dull grey while unworn, but adapts its colour scheme to suit the wearer and emblazons the symbol of their deity on the pauldrons if they are a divine spellcaster.

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