Y'Solas Turi was the last Prime Minister, Minister of Defence, Minister of Treasury, Minister of Science, Minister of Agriculture, Minister of the Interior and Minister of Foreign Afairs of the Ytarran Empire. This was due to the fact that he was also the last Ytarran, as all of the others had died from the Astral Plague.

The last few Ytarrans had divided the government positions between themselves so that they could keep control of the fully-automated, Warforged and Controller-run Ytarran government. As there was no need for it to continue to exist after the Ytarrans were all gone, Y'Solas Turi's last command was to free all of the Warforged, so that they could live their own lives and not just continue to guard empty homes and farm uneaten crops.

Y'Solas Turi was buried with a creation matrix in the Ytarran capital, although it is unclear as to whether this means the first capital (in what is now the Illud Highlands) or the second capital (near the current Dwarven capital of Tarqazhan, in Tarq).

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