Woodbridge is a barony in Vistria, in the County of Midgarde. It borders Cobbletown, the fief of Andrew Midgarde.

Woodbridge is best known for the massacre that occured there months prior to Episode 18. The Baron of Woodbridge sacrificed the entire population of his barony in the ominously named village of Goodplace. Baron Woodbridge's sacrifice of ten thousand vistrians opened a portal to the shadowfel, and was rendered as payment to Cornello, who granted the powers of Baron Deathmoor in exchange.

The now empty barony has been floated as one possible solution to the Verandi refugee problem, as the empty land could provide ample living space for the impoverished and underemployed exiles. One way or another, it has been suggested that the resettlement of Woodbridge may assist with the overcrowding problem in Vistria's major cities.

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