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Vistria is one of the Three Brother Nations. The capital is Castle.


Vistria is the portion of The Smith's empire that he left to his son Vistria, hence the name. The area was colonised by two separate groups: land-based colonists originating in what is now Verandi and sea-based colonists who sailed to northern Vistria and spread out from there. These northern colonists had extensive dealings with the local Frost Giants and picked up some of their language, leading to some Vistrian nobles calling themselves Earls (see below), from the Frost Giant word "Jarl". However, others go by "Count" due to influence from the Verandian colonists. This eventually resolved itself into Earls and Counts being related but slightly different positions (see below).


Vistria has a complex feudal system of nobility resulting from the mix of Verandian and Frost Giant influences in the nation's history.

The Monarch

Vistria has a cognatic monarchy, meaning that male and female heirs inherit on the same basis, with no gender discrimination. All monarch hail from the von Smith dynasty, descended from Smith's son Vistria. The current King is Edward von Smith. The King


Below the King are the four Dukes:

Each rules over their own duchy, sending tributes of money and troops to the King. However, as such great resources are necessary to police a Duchy and protect it from outside invasion, the tributes sent are largely token in nature.

Counts and Earls

Counts and Earls rule over smaller territories, sending tributes of troops and money to their liegelord. Earls serve under Dukes, while Counts serve the King directly. Known Counts and Earls include Count Midgarde and the Earl of Sword, serving the Duke of Newland.


Barons rule over yet smaller territories, effectively just a castle and the lands around it. They serve under an Earl or Count. Known Barons include Baron Magnusson of Silverlode, Draven's father in law and a vassal of the Earl of Sword, Andrew Baron Midgard of Cobbletown and Baron Woodbridge, both vassals of Count Midgarde (although Baron Woodbridge is at present serving another master).


Knights are agents of nobles recruited for specific purposes, such as acting as an investigator or leading an army. Known knights include Sir Maxwell von Christoff, who seems to be some kind of commander in his cousin the Duke's guard, and Sir Jessica of whereveritwas, look that up in the Extras. Also that corrupt knight the last Magnusson Earl employed.

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