For the founder, see King Verandi.

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Verandi was one of the Three Brother Nations, consisting of the land left by The Smith to his son Verandi. It is the oldest part of the Smith's empire, as it contains the village where he grew up, along with his ancient capital of Forge.

However, some [look up how many] years ago, Verandi was occupied by the Deluvian Empire in an attempt to demoralise the land-dwellers. Despite the defending terrans successfully repelling the Deluvians for a number of years, in part thanks to assisstance provided by Lady Vasarus and the Laric Counterinvasion, Verandi eventually fell to the invaders and most of the surviving humans, including the King, fled north to Vistria. Nowadays, people of Verandian descent live as refugees, in many ways second-class citizens. Those of Verandi royal or noble descent, such as Hando van Smith and Draven Rowe, tend to live as guests of Vistrian royals/nobles, although they are often seen as freeloaders.

Nowadays, the only non-Deluvian inhabitant of Verandi is Nemondai, who uses his skills as a Ninja to avoid detection by the Deluvian forces.

Recently, the Deluvian Empire has offered to retun sizeable parts of Verandi as part of a peace deal with Vistria. This land would include Draven's ancestral March of Rowan, so this is a big deal for the party.

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