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Vampires are a type of intelligent undead. The only known examples are the six Vampire Kings, although Tobin assures us that there are others on record.

It was later revealed in Extras 54 that the four original Kings killed off all other Vampires after coming to power. This means that the only Vampires left in the world are the three surviving originals (Swayne, Lockhart and Hastings), plus the two that have been sired since (Alyssa and Cornello).

All vampires have pointy, bat-like, ears, regardless of their appearance and species pre-vampirising.

The earliest known vampire was Cain. It is unknown as to whether or not he was the first vampire (especially if you're one of White Wolf's lawyers), but he was responsible for vampirism being widespread in the Shadowfel, due to his propensity to spread it as a plague. This led to an era of many low-quality, instinct-driven vampires filling the plane, or at least its equivalent of The Middle Kingdom.

The plague was eventually ended by a public-spirited quartet of kindly people who excised the local vampiric population with extreme prejudice.