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The avatar of Baron Deathmoor, servant of Cornello, with "cards" representing his spirit shackle boons.

Some of the traditional Lieutenants of Swayne, as well as the "cards" that represent their spirit shackle boons. (left to right: Morduval, Wormy, Kaiser.)

Lieutenants are powerful beings that serve at the behest of the Vampire Kings, defending their territory, fighting their enemies and even carrying out interplanar missions. The powers of the lieutenants are not truly their own, rather they are granted by the Vampire Kings themselves and originate from the boons granted to the Kings by the spirit shackles in their possession. The boons granted to lieutenants are typically those that are considered redundant, less useful or incompatible with the King that owns them. Each lieutenant is not so much an idividual as they are a role or archetype that is created by an especially complimentary or synergistic combination of powers that the kings normally grant. Lieutenants tend to be extremely loyal to their king not only because the kings are far more powerful but also because they have the ability to revoke the spirit boons, rendering a potentionally rebellious lieutenant powerless.

An example of synergistic powers is Baron Deathmoor, who posesses a number of powers that cause their users to age rapidly, but is typically also granted a boon of eternal life to offset this issue. This also demonstrates the Kings' attitude to which boons they grant, as Vampires cannot use Deathmoor's powers due to their undeath and are already ageless.

Known lieutenants (by King)[]







  • Duke Mirinoff (suspected)
  • A Dragon (only one Dragon (Hazkrakor) has ever been a lieutenant long-term, although that does leave room for the possibility of short-term dragon lieutenants)