Hello, welcome to the least interesting page on the wiki. I'm szbnahl (capitalisation variable) and I wrote about 90% of the TDDC wiki. Sorry about the bad sentence structures and the bits where I wrote in [NAME] or [PUT THIS IN LATER].

If you want to write a bit but don't know where to start, may I recommend this list of redlinks (153 at time of writing) or any of the ? If you don't feel like writing, there's also the to do list at the bottom of the page (kept ever up to date by wiki magic). Help sorting out the timeline would also be especially appreciated.

Note to self: go back over this video to fill out Shatterwar.

Update: we are now down to only 45 redlinks and thanks in large part to Bessie and Gandurk I'm only responsible for 73% of the wiki (by number of edits). Timeline's still very incomplete, if anyone wants to help with that.

Further update: 70% of the wiki by edits, but we only have 5 redlinks left.

Leaving this here for my own benefit. Finding anything useful in the throng of special pages takes far too long.

To do list Edit


Number of articles contained therein

Stub articles 66
Missing images 0
Missing details 6
Renaming required 2
Broken file links 0
Overhaul needed 3
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