Greetings, I'm Demonac! Creator and dungeon master of Tales From My D&D Campaign (plus the "artist", "animator", and at least 95% of the voice work, helped occasionally by my sister Orestria).

Before #TDDC, I created the long running (and even UGLIER) webcomic, AGC: Another Gaming Comic

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You can support Demonac by making a monthly pledge at vast majority of my content is and will remain available on youtube - if I spend all the time to make something, I'd rather share it with as many people as possible, rather than hiding it behind a pay wall.

So while Bigger pledges are greatly appreciated, my Patreon is geared more to letting you pledge what makes sense for you, rather than a lot of fancy rewards. For even $1/month, you get a zip file containint of a lot of the music of TDDC, plus early access to Extras videos (so you have up to a week to ask questions which might be answered in the public youtube version of that video). Hopefully more stuff coming soon...

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