Untor "The Talker" is the de facto leader of the orcs within the province of Gruel. He maintains the peace through a combination of physical strength (only the strongest orcs can carry two syllables around in their names) and a surprisingly intelligent legal system.

Untor's laws Edit

Untor's laws are all incredibly simple with a large degree of intentional ambiguity, so that the orcs under his command can interpret them in a way that makes sense to them. Because of this, more chaotic orcs will simply take a more relaxed approach to the laws, rather than outright rejecting them.

The classic example is "You can only kill one goblin". The lack of a timeframe means that more bloodthirsty orcs can interpret it as getting to kill one a day or even one an hour, while the more noble orcs may kill one a year, or even one ever. The important thing is, nobody goes around killing goblins indiscriminately, allowing them to get on with the important business of growing the crops off which the orcs live.

Recent actions Edit

A group of Untor's boys kidnapped an archeological expedition returning from the Maintenance Station. This is incredibly un-orc-like behaviour and the fact that Hag later killed both this group and the archeologists implies that they were not acting under Delta's orders (because then the Gruel orcs would just have killed them, saving a lot of unnecessary complication). The true reason for these actions, whether or not Untor directly ordered them and exactly what his motives were if he did remains a topic of debate.

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