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This is an attempt to establish a timeline for TDDC, so as to help keep track of the world's rich backstory. It is very much a work in progress.

Time Event
The most ancient of antiquity The world is created by unspecified means (not by the gods).
An indeterminate point afterward, but still very much antiquity The first life appears (again, not created by the gods).
After life developed Ioun discovers The Source, deep in the Astral Sea, and uses its power to create the Common tongue.
Directly after the above Vecna begins gathering power to steal The Source from Ioun.
Some time after the above Vecna ascends to the Astral Sea from his sanctuary in what is now the black sand patch in the Urruk desert.
Some time after Vecna ascends The energies from the battle between Ioun and Vecna either create the Feywild and Shadowfel or warp them into their present state.
At some point before Pelor's death Pelor teaches Mount Pillar to generate a humanoid avatar. Balvan the Millstone is "born".
At some point after Vecna ascends Tiamat purchases knowledge of The Death Equation from Vecna for some unknown price.
Shortly after the above Tiamat ambushes and murders Pelor, stealing his domains
Shortly after the above Delvash captures the Weakened Tiamat and tortures knowledge of The Death Equation from her. He uses this knowledge to kill both Lolth and Tiamat.
After Lolth's death (likely very shortly) The Spider Empress of the Drow has a group of wizards teach her and her disciples arcane magic so that they can cover up their loss of divine power.
After the Shadowfel forms but before the rise of the Vampire Kings Blibaal produces the demigod Cain, who is a vampire. He spreads vampirism through the Shadowfel's version of The Middle Kingdom like a plague, reating a continent filled with weak vampires. However, they are contained by the oceans as vampires cannot easily cross water.
Some time before Swayne sires Alyssa but after the Vampire plague Swayne, Lockhart, Hastings and Vladimir, the original Vampire Kings, learn to shackle spirits. They rise up against the other Vampires, destroying them. Each becomes the ruler of one quarter of the Shadowfel's vampire continent.
The Smith joins the disparate human villages into a mighty nation. He has many adventures, including fighting alongside Balvan the Millstone against the gold dragon Zoloto. Eventually, he dies fighting the green dragon Moraga and is buried at Smith's Rest, after dividing up his lands between his three sons.
After Pelor's death but before the Dead Wars and also before the formation of the Drow Republic Swayne sires Balvan's daughter Alice; eventually she turns on him, stealing most of his territory and becomming the Vampire King Alyssa.
Centuries after Lolth's death The Drow learn of the Spider Empress's deception and she is killed. The Drow Republic is formed.
Before the Dead Wars Ytaru lives among the Ytarrans in his full glory (not a mortal avatar). Eventually he leaves them after a disagreement with Marduk.
"Mere centuries" after leaving the Ytarrans Ytaru takes mortal form as Muradin to live among the Dwarves of The Iron Sea.
Some time before Vladimir's death (based on the nameplate under the special crossbow bolts) The Dead Wars occur between the Ytarran Empire and the Vampire Kings. The Warforged are created.
After the Dead Wars but before the Shatterwar The Ytarrans are wiped out by the Astral Plague
1300 years ago The Blood Whip ravishes the Three Brother Nations. It is eventually contained, but not before Vecna cultists destroy many of the libraries in Vistria and Verandi.
1317 years ago The Adar, tired of the interference of the gods, take their crystal ball and leave. Nobody knows where.
A little over 1000 years ago (but before the Shatterwar) Devonas seizes power in Korstraad, but is deposed by Hinzay.
1158 years ago The Shatterwar (as it will later be known) begins. Warlord Varharran leads the orcs to victory for the first time, seizing rich farmland from Verandi, which the orcs name Gruel. Holding this rich source of food, combined with the glory of victory over the humans allows the warlord to cement his control of the tribes, and their birth rates triple over the following decade. Write something here about the Charlie/Jasmine incident.
During the Shatterwar, but before the destructuion of Egregor and Zarafheim The Battle of Drem's Error, in which one thousand knights are completely routed by Orcs. Bloodied, the Kingdoms need years to recover their strength for another try.
1143 years ago Varharan's orcs breach the Dwarfholds of Egregor and Zarafheim in the Iron Mountains, thought to have been impregnable. The few survivors claim they were assaulted first by demonic creatures from the depths of the earth, and only as their forces were drawn away from the entrances did the orcs lay seige. Even then, it seems impossible that the raiders could have broken the Doors of Adamant, for it was told that: "Only a God could break them".
1139 years ago Orc hordes advanced on the Morduras (thenceforth known as the Battle Plains), making war on the Elves of Telaras. The watchposts were quickly overcome by elite regiments of orcs whose 'piecemeal' armor included mithril chain and even the occasional adamantine helm or plate or shield, and their dwarven swords cut through elven shields and even stone walls as though they were paper.
1138 years ago King Monoril VI of Korstraad refuses the elves' call for aid, stating that if, as they claim, his kingdom is next in the path of the orcs, he must concentrate his forces in defense, rather than "leave [his] lands open".
1137 years ago Harazay, heir to Hinzay and leader of the free tribes of Korstraad, sends messengers to the Elves, the Eladrin, the Vistrians and the Verandi. No messenger can reach the remaining Dwarfhold of Maghargrig, surrounded now by orc territory. Hara-zay makes clear that the tribes will join the Alliance in the war whether or not the King's armies come forth, and King Monoril VI is shamed into sending aid, though he warns (prophetically) that "Win or lose my Kingdom may not survive".
1093 years ago King Kelvoras is slain by the Orcish champion Jamargar, Bloody Hand of the Warlord Varharran, at the Battle of Red Rock. The sky was torn by the cries of the Eladrin King's "mistress" Dialiah, and in her fury, she cursed the orcs, declaring that for a thousand years nothing would survive in their footsteps. Though her countenance was terrible, many orcs actually took this as a blessing or at least a prophecy - that no enemy could withstand their passing. It was only later that the true implication became clear.
1092 years ago

In the Final Battle of The Shatterwar, King Monoril VI of Korstraad and his forces are isolated when Warlord Varharan spearheads a charge, blasting past the Elven cavalry to destroy the Eladrin Arrow regiment on Korstraad's flank (archers who had inflicted unimaginable casualties upon the Orc 'Eavies) and to assault their Royal Standard. Orcs swarmed the men from three sides, their dead rising as zombies to continue fighting such that each of their number had to be doubly slain, and they eventually kill Monoril, the last King of Korstraad. No aid was able to reach the Korstraad flag, for the greatest heroes and leaders of the Alliance were all embroiled elsewhere in the epic battle between Varharan and the Eladrin Prince Kelvoras (son of the slain King). When Elven King Dietrich and King Vosmith III of Vistria broke through to assist him, the Prince was able to slay the Orc Warlord. Though the battle drew on for hours and many more good men and elves died that day, the fall of Varharan ensured the destruction of the Orc Warbands, finally ending the Shatterwar.

About 800 years ago The Valmont Affair rocks to political world of Korstraad, sowing the seeds for the collapse of the governing coalition.
About 470 years ago The Freeborn rebellion liberates Novendil from Draconic control.
At some point before Auric joined them (which was 400 years ago) The Organisation is founded.
400 years ago Auric Sturmgewehr joins The Organisation after his family are killed by Kua Toa.
300 years ago The Kua Toa Civil War begins after the breakaway Illud faction is founded.
"A couple of centuries ago" (Extras 54) The Vampire King Vladimir is slain by a coalition of Spirits and other entities led by the Shepherd Rygax. Vladimir's lover Cornello rises as the new Vampire King in his former territory.
About 140 years ago The Deluvian Invasion of Verandi begins, with Deluvian forces seizing/destroying a number of forts and towns across Verandi (including Coviston and Shale Keep) with the aid of a wave of monitors.
About 50 years ago The Blue Dragon Lord Peregos reconquers Novendil from the Freeborn rebels using an army of death knights.
Probably more than 31 years before the start of the campaign Black is born.
About 31 years before the start of the campaign Draven is born.
Approximately five to twelve years after Black is born Black's father is kidnapped by agents of the Vampire King Swayne.
About 15 years before the start of the campaign Little One is born.
About 16 years before the start of the campaign Tobin is born.
Before her master died Angel joins The Organisation
Probably less than 16 years ago Angel's Master is killed by a Blood Mountain deathfin. Angel's war against the Deluvians goes from professional to personal.
A few months before the start of the campaign Lady Vasarus is murdered by Deluvian monitors; Little One somehow escapes
Some time between the events immediately above and immediately below Angel and Little One meet and begin travelling together.
A few hours to a few days before Episode 1 Angel and Little One meet Black and Draven when both groups come to the aid of a caravan being attacked by bears.