The sword crafted and wielded by The Smith is one of the most famous and sought-after artifacts from ancient times.

Adding to the mystery, there are in fact two weapons which could fairly be called "The Sword of Smith". Many people from scholars down to drunkards like to debate which blade is more powerful, but the whereabouts of both are unknown.

The "First Sword" Edit

This is the Legendary sword The Smith crafted for himself at the beginning of his career, which he wielded in his first adventures and throughout the founding of Verandi and exploration of Vistria. Though it was not nearly as sophisticated, nor did it have even a fraction of the magical enhancements of the weapon he crafted later, the nature of artifacts is to gain power through a combination of great (or terrible) deeds and events in which they take part, as well as the passage of time. And the primordial, mythical status of this blade cannot be overstated.

The "Final Sword" Edit

This weapon was crafted later in the career of The Smith, using all the experience and skill he had honed, and forged using precious and magical materials he had accumulated as the Hero-King of mankind. He wielded it through the exploration of Korstraad, and used it to slay the infamous green dragon who mortally wounded him, leading to his death. During his life, this sword was clearly the more powerful of his two magic weapons.

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