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The Smith is the name given to the first legendary hero of mankind. His skill, wisdom and virtue are so famous that Smith has become one of the most common first names for human males, and his relics - the Helm, Armor, Shield and the Sword of Smith are all counted among the "Holy Grails" of ancient artifacts, even among non-humans. Yet history is unclear about details such as his height, and his hair and skin color - after millennia, his descendants include a great variety of different human ethnicities.

A literal smith, he forged his own bronze sword and armor, and then went out into the wilds to find other villages - and adventure - around the dawn of the age of mortals, when settlements were like points of light amidst the metaphorical darkness of wild and uncivilized lands.

His exploits have been retold so many times that they have doubtless been inflated to impossible levels. Nevertheless, scholars agree on many facts and events from his career which are impressive enough.

Through his journeys, he defeated wild animals and monsters, recruiting other heroic individuals and uniting the many villages of the land which came to be known as Verandi. As a result, he made himself (or was made) King of the humans, and under his rule farming became widespread, he made peace with the Adar to their South, he lead the exploration of the lands to the North, battling Frost Giants and Orcs, and establishing new settlements wherever he went.

Smith was eventually slain by the Green Dragon Moraga, at a ripe old age. By this point, he had three sons, and he divided his great kingdom amongst them. Their three names became the names of the Three Brother Nations: Verandi, Vistria and Korstraad.