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The Organisation (AKA The Society of Whispers AKA The Unseen Hand) are a loose-knit group of assassins who fight against the Deluvian invasion. They also take contract work on the side in order to fund their activities.

Select members of the organisation (L-R: Von James, Mahran Doraj, Auric "The Executioner" Sturmgewehr and Nemondai)


Originally they were a much larger and more public organisation (400+ agents and about 1000 non-combat staff), but most of the original members were wiped out by monitors as soon as they began to have a real impact and terrestrial governments pulled all support in order to retain plausible deniability. The remaining dozens of hunters slowly rebuilt over the next few decades, but without governmental support they had to resort to contract work in order to fund their operations. This led to a vicious circle of less and less reputable people joining the Organisation and taking less and less reputable jobs, which attracted less and less reputable members. Eventually, a number of iron-clad rules were written to halt their slow descent into evil:

  • Agents work in pairs (except for the sizeable number who don't, including Angel for much of the series)
  • No Organisation members are to be hunted.
  • Unspecified rules regarding interaction with contacts.

More recently, the Deluvian invasion of Verandi has led to a renaissance of the Organisation's orginal anti-Kua-Toa mission, with about half of members regularly performing pro-bono hits on Deluvian targets. Some even go after the Illud.

Noteable members[]


An important but often-overlooked aspect of The Organisation are the "contacts". Whether believers in the purpose of the group, more mercenary information brokers, or 'retired' bounty hunters or assassins, these individuals are critical to the functioning of the group. Many are undercover, having another job (especially in smaller communities), others live 'off-the-grid', but they all serve as information brokers, spies, and a distributed network for communicating messages between the active members, helping them not to tread on each others' toes, as well as disseminating target lists (both of bounties and whenever possible, of Kua Toa targets). In smaller towns, they instead have runners to take messages to and from the "proper" contacts. Many of these runners have the codename "Legs", because imaginations are only issued to high-ranking agents.


The Organisation is said to be led by a council of senior members who decide on major actions by vote. It's believed they meet secretly somewhere in Vistria, and then the contacts disseminate their decisions. However, the individualistic nature of the modern Organisation means that many of their long-debated pronouncements are simply ignored. When a council member dies or retires, the council extends an invitation to another member, generally an experienced and successful one, to join in the departed/deceased's place.