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The Current of Teeth is an incredibly popular work of Kua Toa literary fiction written by an unknown author in the early days of the KT Civil War. It's a big thick book (usually distributed as several smaller volumes) which follows a minor House from before the beginning of the war. There are multiple viewpoint characters who become separated when the Illud rebellion suddenly struck, leaving it a literal House divided, and we have protagonists on both sides of the war. The story covers multiple generations in many walks of life - both military and civilian - and some viewpoint characters die, while others come into the picture, showing many facets of how the conflict affected actual people.

The book famously ends with a showdown between Deathfin Du and Deathfin Unon after the war has raged for about 80 years (remember: this was written in the early days of the now-300-year conflict). The dialogue between them has gained something of an iconic status in KT culture:

Unon: Oru Kuaru trans You [will be] blood.

Du: Oru Kubaru trans You [will be] my [prayer/sacrifice]

Current of teeth quote.png

Which monitor is depicted as winning depends on which side of the border your particular copy of the book was published. It has been suggested that the original work left the outcome ambiguous.

Early attempts to censor the book by both governments were unsuccessful due to the sudden popularity and rapid spread of the book, and by this point both sides claim the author as their own. As s/he wrote under a pseudonym, neither claim can be verified.