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The first episode of TDDC hit the internet December 2, 2012 with Episode 1: The Seeds of Adventure (you might see a different date in the playlist, because Episode 1 is the only episode to have been "remastered" and re-released). That first video was watched by literally dozens of people... Once Quill18 - a real youtuber - tweeted about it...

At that time, the D&D campaign had been running for several years, and Demonac's plan was to cover multiple sessions per 10-15 minute episode until getting caught up, after which it would become a weekly recap. That thoroughly did not happen.

In addition to LittleOne and Angel's players, and the players of a couple characters (such as Zaheer) who join later, none of whom are public internet figures at this time, the table is rounded out by:

Draven, played by Quill18 - A major force in strategy game and virtual tabletop Let's Plays

Black, played by Briarstone - A hilarious streamer whose love of hard-mode and roguelike games of many genres makes him a community favorite.

All player characters (and all other characters) are voiced by Demonac, except for select female NPCs voiced by Demonac's sister, Orestria (@Orestria) - characters who are important enough to be worth the effort, but don't have so many lines that it would bog down Demonac's otherwise one-man-show production. In fact, although the earliest episodes of TDDC incorporated art from official D&D books and license-free art, since episode 8 that has been gradually phased out, until now all "art", "animation" and "music" is produced by Demonac. Who is also the GM, the creator of the setting, and the scriptwriter of the adaptation that is Tales From My D&D Campaign.

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