Swayne‘s Deadly Riders were a band of three horsemen made up of Zora, a Drow woman gifted with stone skin, earthglide, and limited manipulation of stone, Don Mazure, a Dwarvish ghost who was heir to the Dwarfhold of Egregor when it fell, and Face Crusher, a Demon who wore a horned helm. (Side note: The fact a Demon is in the Shadowfell is very unusual, as the border between the material plane and hell is a lot more substantial than most other D&D worlds.) Don Mazurf‘s mount was very fear resistant (It did carry a ghost after all). Face Crusher’s mount was notable for being huge and having six legs, this was appealing to the party because they all had a distinct lack of epic mounts to use. LittleOne took a particular interest in the horse, naming her Rainbowdash and taking her on as a cohort from the leadership feat.

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