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Swayne is one of the five Vampire Kings and the one who has had the most dealings with The Party. Physically, he resembles a handsome man in his late teens or early twenties.

Swayne is at least the third oldest of the extant Vampire Kings, having sired Alyssa. His age may be responsible for the general ennui he seems to feel regardless of circumstance, including when in battle with powerful liches or learning of the loss of spirits.

He is of particular concern to the Rahjs due to his dealings with the Mindhunters. He also attracted the ire of legendary Vampire slayer Rygax by kidnapping his friend William Gabriel Black. Which also pissed off Black jr. Swayne may or may not have a deathwish.

Swayne maintains a small human population as cattle, consuming an adult each day. It's almost like he was worried somebody might find him sympathetic.

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Swayne territory map
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