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The anti-VK bolts (give better name) are a set of five crossbow bolts that the party found in the Secondary Armoury at Polaron. They were clearly created for use against the Vampire Kings, but it is unclear by whom (see below). At present they are in Draven's possession.

Each bolt is labelled with the name of a Vampire King, but due to the extreme age of the bolts (or perhaps ignorance on the part of whoever made them), one of the bolts corresponds to Vladimir instead of Cornello, the Vampire who replaced him as King of the Mountains.


They're all +4 seeking undead bane mithril bolts, but each also has another, unknown, effect tied to a specific target. It would be reasonable to assume that this target is the Vampire King with whose name the bolt is labelled.


The bolts were found in an Ytarran facility and the Ytarrans are well known for their hatred of the Vampire Kings, but the plaque to which the bolts were affixed labelled them in Draconic, the language of Dragons (see second image). This has lead to some debate as to whether the bolts were created by the Ytarrans or acquied by them somehow from a Dragon(s). It is perhaps further of note here that "The Crone" was a specifically Ytarran nickname for Alyssa.


  • The label on the bolt gives Alyssa's name as "Alicia".
  • This is the only known example of Draconic script in TDDC. Classically-inclined readers may note the resemblance to real-wold Latin.