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A Sahaguin slave holding a shovel

The Sahaguin are an aquatic species of fishlike humanoids (leaner, more colorful and with more prominent fins than the Kua Toa). They currently live in slavery as the main frontline cannon-fodder of the Illud, who control their ancestral lands, while a large population of Sahaguin in the current Deluvian territory were slaughtered early in the civil war because the Empire, in their callous and twisted logic, feared spies and Illud sympathizers. Though they can be vicious in close quarters fighting, their main utility is their ability to control sharks, which are useful for guard duty, quick transportation (underwater cavalry), as well as acting as deep-sea sheepdogs for the schools of fish KT use as a food source.

Though conquered many centuries ago by the old Deluvian Empire, before that the Sahaguin were one of, if not the greatest of the other underwater civilizations in the Fadelands, known for their crafting and their works of art, alongside their military power.