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Rygax is a powerful priest of Ankou who resides somewhere in the Shadowfel. He played an unknown role in the downfall of the vampire king Vladimir and also slew one of the previous holders of the title Baron Deathmoor.

He appears to be an Elf or Half Elf (an observation backed up by his clearly long life), but he lacks the signature bad German accent, nor does he have the Russian accent of the Drow. It is possible that he is an Eladrin, or maybe just had a lot of elocution lessons.

He has spent the past few years hiding from Swayne, not even contacting the Shepherds. At one point he travelled with William Black (who he refers to as Gabriel, either because Black sr. prefers his middle name or because Demonac made a mistake), but this of course ended when Black sr. was captured by the aforesaid Vampire. After torturing the locations of some of Rygax's hideouts from him, Swayne kept him around as bait for a trap, later adding Zaheer to his collection.

When the party rescure his captives from Mount Pillar, Swayne intervenes personally and it is only due to Rygax's intervention that they are not completely wiped out. He later recounts the tragedy of Balvan the Wise Millstone, implying a good deal of Shadowfel knowledge.

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