The Psionic Academy of Laric are a group of psions in Laric, a nation known for its above-average number of psions. Little is known of them, other than that they control the ancient Adar city of Eloyah and refuse access to outsiders. That said, the fact that they have the authority to do so speaks volumes. As a considerable portion of halflings are psionic, most of the academy is made up of halflings. The current director of the Psionic Academy is Director Veluma, the only thing known about Velmua is that he/she is a psion of considerable power, possibly the most powerful psion in the academy.

The Mind Control Defense Edit

Laric is one of the only nations in which mind control is a valid defense when someone is accused of a crime. When someone pleads mind control, the Psionic Academy tests for any trace of mind control magic, and if they detect mind control magic that was cast around the approximate time of the crime, all charges are dropped. The psions claim that they can detect this magic 60% of the time, so if the Psion doesn't detect any mind control magic, it is not completely certain that none was cast. Unfortunately, if the courts have no other evidence to the contrary, the defendant has effectively just admitted they committed the crime and has no further refuge to escape conviction. Because of this, the mind control defense is rarely used

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