Polaron is an Ytarran military facility at the north pole of the Fadelands.


The Temple

Like all Ytarran research facilities, Polaron is beneath a temple to Ytaru. The temple itself isn't particularly noteworthy, but is included for the sake of completeness

The Laser Room

The Laser Room is the entrance lobby of Polaron, directly beneath the hatch down from the temple. It is so-called because it contains a large laser as a first line of defence against intruders. Four reflecting golems are also present so as to increase the range of the laser around corners. The laser has its own power supply, separate from the rest of the base.

The Secondary Armory

The secondary armoury was a complement of fully autonomous golems and anti-vampire weapons presumably created in case of a reoccurence of the Dead Wars. Most notably, it contained the photon accelerator and a quintet of artefact crossbow bolts, each tied to one specific Vampire King. There was also a mysterious plaque that Lord Kinekoro was oddly interested in.

The Eldritch Lab

In this lab, the Ytarrans experimented on methods of farming eldritch eyes. As well as some unknown experiment with gibbering mouthers, they restrained a beholder and pumped it full of magic to increase the size of its eyes. This allowed the tentacle (non-antimagic) eyes to be used as eldritch eyes. This is also where Angel found the Handlers Gear.

Controller’s Sanctum

The Controller’s Sanctum is one of the smaller rooms of the facility. Much as in Ginaron, the theme fluid of the dungeon (lava, in this case) can be found on both the floor and ceiling, presumably held in place by some sort of magic. Polaron Controller sits in the middle of the room in its Controller Orb.

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