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You may be looking for Peacebond (Location) instead.

The Peacebond was a treaty signed between the nation of Laric and the Deluvian Empire. The treaty was signed shortly after Laric's intervention in the Deluvian invasion of Verandi. The treaty cedes all of Laric's coastline and the land 50 miles inland from the coast to the Deluvian Empire (This area came to be known as the Peacebond). In return, the Deluvian Empire would cease all hostilities with Laric and its allies. The treaty is shaky, however, because Deluvians only keep agreements as long as they are beneficial to them. Some scattered cells of freedom fighters, protestors, and terrorists fall the umbrella term Warbond, people who wish to take back the area ceded in the treaty by force or strong-armed diplomacy.

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