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Oluana is the spirit of the Oluana Spring, a freshwater spring located in Cornello's territory, near his border with Swayne. The spring feeds rivers that bring water to a Mycanoid Kingdom, several forests, and other Shadowfel creatures.

Oluana is most notable for granting immortality to one living mortal who drinks of her first waters every 110 years. The spirit has very limited control over when she releases these waters, and can only delay them for a few years. The Vampire King Cornello has not shackled Oluana, because she is much more useful unshackled than captive. One of the most powerful uses of her boon is making the bearer of the Baron Deathmoor archetype immortal, because his powers work on life force, and immortal creatures have infinite life force. This would make him a very powerful asset to whomever controls him, invariably Cornello. If the water is not drunk, after some time, the waters will flow down stream and mix with other water sources, granting minor healing properties and enhancing the plants and animals that drink from the water.

However, on the most recent release of the waters, Draven Rowe fell face-first into the water while attempting to use it to empower a nascent spirit. After having his face partially corroded as if by acid, Draven enjoyed a brief musical number and awoke with Oluana's blessing, which regenerated not only the parts of his face that had been eaten away but also the nose he'd tragically lost in some unknown circumstance prior to the start of the campaign.


Mechanically, in addition to the agelessness and clinical immortality, Oluana's blessing grants fastheal 2, immunity to non-magical diseases, +4 to saves vs. non-magical diseases, immunity to death spells and effects and negative energy resist 10.