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Mount Pillar is a mountain in the Shadowfel, so named because early inhabitants believed that it held up the sky. It now contains a fortress/prison controlled by the Vampire King Swayne. In the Fadelands, it is known as Grandmount.

The spirit of Mount Pillar often takes human form, calling himself Balvan.

The Maze[]

There's an interdimensional maze in Mount Pillar. Legends imply it was shaped by Balvan himself long ago. The maze contains gigantic spiders, but is otherwise only defended by Balvan himself, and the Mount Pillar Lich. Balvan is bound by agreement to Swayne to pursue anyone who enters the mountain, and is presumably bound to kill them once he catches up to them. Various puzzles also hinder progress, though the main defensive feature of the maze is it's nature.

As intruders progress they are forced to relive the memories of the lich, coming as a wave of impenetrable darkness surrounding them before will saves to try to maintain a sense of self during the memories. Afterwards infiltrators are given Doom charges that reduce the effectiveness of healing.

The actual maze spans interdimentionally between the Shadowfel, Fadelands, and the Feywild making navigation, especially by magical means such as the spell Find the Path, difficult. Successfully navigating the maze brings infiltrators to a decrepit temple to Pelor. Inside is a mass of silver coins and the remains of what was once a gold statue to the sun god. The only inhabitant is the lich, now turned into a Grisgol, which will attack any intruders that make it that far. For a time this sanctum also housed Zaheer and William Black as bait for the powerful priest Rygax.