On the rare occasions he could go five minutes without bursting out of his clothes, Morduval wore a suit with a stylish old-man black and white checkers and brown pattern. As part of its magical properties, the wearer of the suit can alter the appearance of the garment, but it has always to contain 2/3 brown and 1/3 checkers.

The suit has the power to regenerate itself from the tiniest shreds, which is pretty useful if you always turn it to shreds while transforming yourself into a big tentacle monster for split seconds every time you fight.

It also has the creepy ability to EAT other cloth magic items, giving the suit the power to mimic the magic item which it has eaten. Only one item per item slot may be mimicked at a time, but the wearer can switch out the items with a mental command. Also, a consumed item cannot be mimicked if the wearer is also wearing an item in the correspondng slot separate to the suit (e.g. if the suit absorbs a pair of leather gloves, it cannot leater mimic said gloves while the wearer is wearing metal gauntlets).


Morduval's suit was created with fragments from two unwilling souls. The soul fragments are almost certainly (99%) not conscious, but it's still pretty clearly evil.

Items consumed by the suitEdit

  • Cold weather gear (with the ability to transform into a tent and provide hot and cold drinks.)
  • Abomination handler gear.
  • Fire resistance vest.

Speculation Edit

The theory how the Suit got his special powers is that the people the soul fragments came from influenced what the item could do (like the eating power.) So probably a gourmet and a tailor had their souls split and put into the suit.

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