Matthew Patel was the aged heir to a shipbuilding fortune who used his vast resources to support the Warbond in his native village of Hengal.

He was driven partially insane with grief after the death of his son Jimmy at the hands of Reginald Black and put out a bounty on the party's heads. He also entered into an agreement with Lord Kintamazu to mutate the warbonders under his command into monsters, although it is unclear whether this occured before or after Jimmy's death.

He was eventually killed by Kintemazu with a decerebration power at the urging of the local Neogi before he could draw any more attention to the town. It was too late, however, as Daggerface had already visited to discuss the bounty and gave its location to the party, directly leading to said Neogi's death, as well as the end of the mutation programme.

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