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Marp's Armour was the armour worn by Marp.

It was basically a Full Plate +1 with a Natural Armour bonus +1, 2 Acid resistance and a +1 damage bonus against targets who are denied their Dex-bonus (which greatly benefitted Marp, as he often struck while invisible).

It also gives the wearer a -2 Fortitude resistance, probably related to being made out of scorpion scales and soaked in scorpion venom.

There was also an Armour Crystal set inside that allowed Marp to sleep in his armour all night long so he would be ever ready for battle.

The armour was made as an upgrade for Black (who until this point had been wearing the +1 armour he had obtained from Kaavin Tayria), but because he couldn't see his character wearing scorpion orc armour Draven disenchanted it for crafting XP.