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Lockhart is a Vampire King recognisable through his possession of a hat. Whether this hat has any magical properties or is merely a fashion statement is thus far unknown.

His territory roughly corresponds to Urruk and points east in the Fadelands, and is about the size of his four rival kings' territories put together. However, it is an area of low spirit-density, possibly due to its relatively high levels of civilisation.

This civilisation is due to Lockhart's policy of maintaining a series of vassal kingdoms for his kine, rather than keeping them like animals (à la Swayne). That's not to say that they have any autonomy whatsoever, of course, but it's more self-governance than almost any other non-vampire non-Neogi gets outside of the Underdark.

Lockhart also owns an artefact bow, known as the Gravespine bow (name subject to change if Demonac thinks of something better). This is a marked departure from the other Kings, who rely on their devastating natural claws.


In time immemorial, four Vampires gained the ability to shackle spirits. These four (Vladimir, Swayne, Hastings and Lockhart) became the Vampire Kings and used their power to wipe out all other Vampires and then divide the continent among them - Vladimir in the North, Swayne in the West, Hastings in the South and Lockhart in the East. They then began warring amongst themselves for shackles, naturally.

Known lieutenants[]