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The half-dragon son of Lady Vassarras of the Bronze, Little One is one of probably fewer than a dozen living (non-Kua) people to have grown up inside the Peacebond. His mother taught him the secrets of the warblade, and he has taken up her quest to end slavery after her death.

Unlike the rest of the party (who are mature adults), Little One is 16, and at the beginning of the campaign has been loose in the world for only a few months. As such, he has been known to act rashly and impulsively, sometimes to the detriment of the party's goals.

Like his mother before him, Little One has a deep hatred for slavery in all forms, even objecting when Draven suggested the party capture and experiment on evil undead spirits to find a cure for the Astral Plague.

Notable Gear[]

  • Magic shield - This shield was stolen from one of Deluvians The Party killed in Episode 3. It originally had the classic Deluvian "maw of Blibaal" design, but Little One blacked out the white parts and stuck on a collection of teeth from dead Kua Toa (see page image). He later had Angel help him engrave the Kuar phrase Goffvi Suvo Hoktoa (but in the Kuar script, which is difficult to type for obvious reasons), which roughly translates as "you are a s***eater".
  • Eladrin Bastard Sword- This sword is a 1 handed sword made of cold iron that sparks with electricity. In game terms, the sword is a +2 Cold Iron Shock Bastard Sword with a +2 Initiative bonus. Little One won this sword in a duel with the orc Marp.
  • Lady Vasarus's Amulet An metal amulet bearing the likeness of a dragon's head with green eyes. Mechanically, the amulet grants the following to the wearer: +2 Constitution, 2d6 damage absorbed from spells 3 times per day, and +1 to hit Kua Toa. Little One found this amulet in a hidden compartment in his mother's lair
  • Bronze Dragon Scale Armour: A set of dragon scale full plate made from Lady Vasarus's (Little One's mother) scales. Mechanically, the armour is +3 Mithril Full Plate of Blurring (Little One's player admits he basically never uses the blurring property). During crafting, Little One could use his Mother's scales as an item of power for the purposes of crafting very powerful items.
  • The Black Hammer


LittleOne is played by Paul (his last name remains a secret for privacy reasons), a nurse who lives in Canada.

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