List of Celebrity-Inspired Voices (by TDDC Character):

  • BX - Inspired by voice of #24 [Venture Bros.]
  • Effrit/Djinns [fire-based] - Inspired by voice of Dr Jonas Venture Jr. [Venture Bros]
    • None in main series yet, but used for both the one in Sand and in Saga of Balvan
    • Just a fun, fun voice
  • Menyareth - Inspired by Heath Ledger's Joker
  • Morduval - Inspired by voice of Uncle Ruckus [Boondocks]
    • Terrible, TERRIBLE person
    • Demonac warmed up for each line with Ruckus' signature "Welllll, well, well..."
  • Rygax - Inspired by (latter-day) David Attenborough
    • He was doomed to give a lot of exposition
    • Took a lot of searching for reference video online to get a feel for how he might sound in non-narrating situations.
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