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Lady Myulana is a blue dragon determined to reclaim her lands in Novendil from the powerful red dragon lord who has seized them. To this end, she has acquired the Eye of Ashur and embarked on an expedition to empower it with the volcanic leylines beneath Polaron.


Myulana is supported by a pair of dragonborn: a green spellcaster named Fadeer and a blue martial class named Imasa. She had also employed a pair of the mysterious goo people, but they made the mistake of picking a fight with The Party and were slain.

Relationship with Darius[]

Myulana had an on again/off again relationship with a legendary Korstraadi hero named Darius of the Frozen Wastes. Due to a similarity of scent, he is likely to be Little One's father.

Myulana has mixed feelings toward Darius, stating that she did not know whether she would reconcile with him or kill him upon next seeing him. She claims not to have seen him for 60 years, but this seems mathematically unlikely. Then again, it has been known for truly exceptional beings to live long beyond their alloted years...