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Lady Hazemura is one of the four Rahjs with which the party is affiliated.

She seems to be the most talkative one and even helped the Party against a fight with Morduval. She is also the only (supposedly) female in the Rahji group (but with them being shapeshifters who really knows?)

From what we see her do she is a very, very capable caster.

For example:

  • Casting a spell to dispel Morduvals strange rune-power, with a more than full-round casting time that she had to hold after the initial casting.
  • She does the Rahjs' signature burst-divinations and is still able to hold a conversation with the party.
  • Before the communication with the party was jammed, because of Swayne's personal anti-divination Aura, she was able to hold her picture for a moment before she got cut away.

Character-wise she seems to be calculated most of the time, and doesn't let her emotions cloud her actions.