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Monoril VI was King of Korstraad before and during the Shatterwar, having come to power at the latest 1138 years ago, when he notably refused Elven requests to come to their aid against the Orc hordes, stating that if, as they claimed, his kingdom was next in their path, he must concentrate his forces in defence, rather than "leave [his] lands open".

However, the following year Harazay, leader of the free tribes of Korstraad pledged his support to the alliance, shaming Monoril into doing the same.

Monoril and the armies of Korstraad fought in the the Shatterwar, right up until the Final Battle when they were isolated by a charge spearheaded by Varharran himself, aimed at an Eladrin arrow regiment on Korstraad's flank. Orcs swarmed the men from three sides, their dead rising as zombies to continue fighting such that each of their number had to be doubly slain, and they eventually killed Monoril. No aid was able to reach the Korstraad flag, for the greatest heroes and leaders of the Alliance were all embroiled elsewhere in the epic battle between Varharan and the Eladrin Prince Kelvoras.

In the aftermath of Monoril's death, the Kingdom of Korstraad dissolved into rule by squabiling nobles, and eventually collapsed completely.