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Kaiser and Viktor are a mysterious duo who appear to serve as one (?) of Swayne's lieutenants. After a one-line appearance in the Episode 26 post-credits scene ("What of the Other bait?"), they appear much more prominently (though still in badguyvision) in Episode 53, hunting for the heroes.

Kaiser Bösewicht is a heavily armored elf, with a missing right arm, and an apparent hole in his face where his right eye should be.

Viktor (who has a different terrible accent) appears as a red outline of Kaiser, except that Viktor is instead missing his left arm, and has a large glowing red eye only on his right side.

When Viktor is away from Kaiser, he is less than incorporeal, with even ghost-touch weapons passing through him. However, this also means that he cannot harm others, only observe and communicate.

Rygax also named Kaiser as being the commander of the mile-wide fortress Heidelag Castle, near Swayne's border with Cornello.

Kaiser carries two weapons: a warhammer for himself and a sword for Viktor.