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Hero Tale was a series of comic books published by the Illud about 80 years ago and targeted at Dwarven children in order to improve opinions of Kua Toa (at least the Illud ones) among the Dwarves. The Dons banned them after issue four, so only five issues were ever produced. They have become valuable collectors' items and copies of all five books are kept in the Laric National Museum at Bankton under the care of Maria.

B'ob has hinted that there may be important information hidden somewhere in the comics.


The comics followed the adventures of Oru, a young monitor who had recently completed his training. "Oru" is the Kuar word for "you", which gives some insight into the tone of the comics.

Issue 1

Oru is sent on his first mission, to subdue a marauding tribe of Sahaguin bandits. He easily defeats them and they are sent to the fields to work as slaves, as is the natural order (as far as the narrative is concerned).

Issue 2

Oru battles a giant sea monster, resembling a giant mutant squid. This is a more challenging battle than the Saheguin, but Oru still wins with relative ease. However, he is perplexed to find such a beast in the Thrashing Seas of the Illud Lowlands, far from the deep ocean trenches where one would expect to find such monsters.

Issues 3 and 4

Oru defends a terrestrial Illud settlement from a giant, who he kills using a technique in which he turns himself into sand in order to absorb a blow. He then visits a priest of Lakmaal to enquire as to the nature of the monster from issue 2. The priest reveals that the monster was fromt the Shadowfel and was sent by a Mindhunter. Oru finds the Mindhunter and defeats a pair of its crab-like minions, known as Bottom Walkers, although he is injured in the process. Before he can confront the Mindhunter, however, it paralyses him with some sort of magic.

Issue 5

Opening on the clifhanger from the end of Issue 4, Oru is helpless but to watch and narrate as Deathfin Unon arrives and obliterates legions of Bottom Walkers before landing in front of the Mindhunter. As the comics were discontinued, the story ends on this cliffhanger.

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