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The Rahjs descibed the Hengal situation as being caused by a number of deals gone wrong. This article is designed to be a list of all of the deals included therein.

  1. A deal with the Hengal Neogi to find test subjects for him.
  2. A deal with Matthew Patel of unknown details. It involved his Warbonders being mutated, a Redcap being imported to act as a general or drill sergeant of some description and a tunnel being dug to the Peacebond. It is unclear what a mortal human, even a wealthy one such as Patel, could have offered to entice the Rahjs.
  3. A deal with a Delver to burrow the aforementioned tunnel in exchange for a cubic foot of platinum (which is apparently delicious).
  4. A deal with the aforementioned Redcap, in which he came to Hengal to act on behalf of the mutated Warbonders in some way. It is unclear what he recieved in return.