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Zon-Para-Bara was a Neogi who lived in (or rather, beneath) the village of Hengal, in southern Laric. He chose to live within the head of a permenantly mind-controlled Umberhulk, presumably for the advantages provided by having arms and legs.

His main interest was in mutating humans, which he did through a ritual involving implanting crystals into their foreheads.

In order to find "willing" test subjects, he struck a deal with the Rahjs and Matthew Patel to be allowed to experiment on the members of the Hengal Warbond cell.

Fearing that the attention brought upon the town by Patel's bounty on the Orcslayer would also lead to his activities being discovered, he pressured Lord Kintemazu into killing Patel. He then sent his enforcers, a Goo Person and a rogue Formian lieutenant to coerce the villagers to continue working for him.

However, this drew the attention of The Party, who were in town at first to revenge themselves upon Matthew Patel for inflicting multiple hired assassins on them and later, after discovering his corpse, to investigate his death. They easily dispatched the enforcers and later killed the Neogi himself.