Hastings is one of the Vampire Kings. His territory roughly corresponds to Tarq in the Fadelands, and it is for this reason that he was the main participant in the Dead Wars (because this was the location of Ytarra at the time).

Biography Edit

In time immemorial, four Vampires gained the ability to shackle spirits. These four (Vladimir, Swayne, Hastings and Lockhart) became the Vampire Kings and used their power to wipe out all other Vampires and then divide the continent among them - Vladimir in the North, Swayne in the West, Hastings in the South and Lockhart in the East. They then began warring amongst themselves for shackles, naturally.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite being the main participant in the Dead Wars, Hastings was the only Vampire King not to have a distinct nickname applied to him on the labels of the special anti-VK bolts, as opposed to a simple geographical indicator. This may be a vital clue as to the true origins of the bolts (somebody who interacted with the other Kings much more than Hastings), or Hastings may simply be incredibly unremarkable.
  • Hastings is also the name of an English seaside town noteable for the battle of the same name. In the same way that Hastings controls the south of the Shadowfel, Hastings is in the extreme south of England, on the Sussex coast.
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