This is a list of all Art, Music, and Other media that appears in TDDC but was not made by Demonac. This list includes fan artwork, commissioned pieces, and Demonac Sibling Blackmailing asking Orestria for voice work.

Artwork: Edit

  • Swayne sketches by TinMin: These images were commissioned by Demonac to get high quality artwork for Swayne's reveal in episode 50. The artwork were only sketches, so they were inked and colored by Demonac before appearing in TDDC. Unfortunately, TinMin has seemed to drop off the face of the internet, so all that Demonac can do is thank them and credit them in all episodes where their artwork is used. Episodes used: 50+
  • Dor and Naf drawings by Orestria. Episodes used: 4 & 5.
  • Fuze attacking hostage meme: This was used as a way of describing just how dead the level 7 necromancer at the Oluana Spring was after LittleOne used an Elder Mountain Hammer Maneuver on her with his Black Hammer. The creator of this piece is unknown, but presumably they were a member of the Rainbow Six Seige community, as Fuse is a character in that game. Episode used: 56

Music: Edit

  • Ancient and Forgotten by Benjamin Bublitz: A piece made by a fan of the series, originally sent to Demonac with a place holder name, Demonac suggested "Ancient and Forgotten" and Bublitz agreed it was passable. Episodes used: 49+

Voice Acting: Edit

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