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The Goodplace Necromancer was a necromancer who The Party encountered in the village of Goodplace. He first ambushed them with his Corpsplosion attack (see below) while they were examining a group of corpses. He immediately fled under the cover of zombies, escaping into a hidden tunnel in one of the houses that led to the butcher's shop.

After The Party reached the shop (travelling aboveground), he corpsplosioned them again, then after they entered the shop he used a form of magic missile augmented with vile damage, a form of damage so evil that it could only be healed while on consecrated ground. Angel and LittleOne took him down in a single round, but with the aid of Baron Deathmoor, he formed a new, 12-foot, body from pieces of zombie, with damage reduction and a massively improved AC.

However, The Party defeated him again, and after he fled through a portal into the Shadowfel they pursued and killed him, with Draven's orb of force sealing the deal.


Corpsplosion is similar to fireball, but dealing negative energy damage instead of fire damage and with a higher save DC. It also requires a nearby corpse to blow up, although ambulatory corpses (i.e. the undead) can also be used. This destroys the corpse.