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Godfin Shuazul was the head of the Shadowfin monastery and leader of a monitor rebellion which threatened the Deluvian Empire (known thereafter as the Shadowfin Heresy). He led his entire monastery in a crusade-like revolt, claiming that the Empire had lost its way, and that his immense power was proof that Blibaal had chosen him to lead them back to glory and slaughter. It took all four other monasteries working together to stop Shuazul and his Shadowfins, and he is considered to be the third most powerful monitor in history, after Du and Unon.

Because of Shuazul's great power, combined with the fact that much more is known about his acts and his abilities after his death than the still-mysterious, still-living, Deathfin Du and Deathfin Unon, Shuazul is often used as a counterpoint in arguments between historians or between 'monitor fanboys'. In fact, he comes up so often as an exception to otherwise commonly accepted facts, theories and limitations on what monitors can do, that the phrase "Shuazul doesn't count" has become a major trope, being the most common retort to an opponent invoking the traitor's name in a debate.

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