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Goblins are small green-skinned humanoids native to Gruel. All of the Goblins encountered thus far by The Party have lived in subservience to Orcs, growing rice for them in exchange for protection from marauding monsters, but there may be other Goblins out in the world who live in a different fashion.

Goblins are very repressed by their orc overlords, not being permitted to own weapons larger than knives, forced to give up a large portion of their crops, and being constantly beat up and killed for the smallest of slights. Though they are protected by the laws of the orc named Untor the Talker with his famously strategically lenient laws. The most well known law is "You can only kill one goblin" which lacks a timeframe or reason, making it so that orcs can (sometimes violently) argue semantics, while keeping to the spirit of the law.

Known Goblins[]

  • Patron Gob
  • Patron Hob
  • Matron Gob