The Hybrid was a giant monster that seemed to be a mix of the Fel elementals and the Fey elementals.

His teeth is from the Fel elementals as are his feet and his shorter tentacles. The head, eyes and the tail seemed to be from the Fey elementals. The larger two tentacles have the color from the fey but should have been originally from the Fel part. These are probably a product of the Hybridization.

Interestingly it does not seem to have Eldritch Eyes, despite being an Ytarran product.

Mechanical[edit | edit source]

It had two attacks with his giant tentacles with a reach of 10 feet. (From the dogs) And also two weaker but longer tentacles with a reach of 20 feet.

It also had a special attack (a Bullshit power it seems). The Hybrid could as a full round action Turn Incorporeal lasting till the beginning of it's next turn (probably from his fey parts) and move it's full movement, everyone it would pass through would have to make a Will Save or get damage AND become shaken for a minute. (Not stackable.)

It could also Intimidate as a Move action which would have stacked and would probably let the party become very feared.

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