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The Formians are a race of ant-people who currently reside in the Feywild equivalent of Urruk, although it has been implied that they are native to another plane. The Elves and Eladrin are currently involved in a war against them, presumably in response to their expansionist foreign policy.

A map of the area surrounding the Formian hive in the Fadelands.

Like the ants they resemble, formians live in strictly regimented colonies and act based on a swarm intelligence. Formians acting as individuals are incredibly rare, but there are known examples, such as the rogue formian lieutenant (pictured below) employed as an enforcer by the Hengal Neogi.

Recently, VII has been observed spying on a group of formians. The implications of this are as yet unclear, but it is a reasonable assumption that the homunculus has taken a hostile view of the insectile invaders, either due to an alliance with an anti-formian faction or due to some threat they pose to Draven.

A Rouge Formian casting a spell to attack the party