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The Party arrive by teleport in the courtyard of The Basilica of Saint Hitomi.

The guards at the door recognise Black and Draven, although they still insist on receiving the necessary password]] and The Party descend the broad stairs into a large underground space beneath the tower. It is a cathedral to Sirius, filled with stained-glass windows with continual flame spells behind them to simulate sunlight.

Demonac gives a quick overview of The Basilica's layout (see linked page), after which Black and Draven, having vouched for the other members of The Party, go to be debriefed by The Hand's leadership: High Priest Matsomi and Jonasson, Earl of Hanley, The Hand's top secular leader.

During this time, Little One spars with the arms trainer and Angel begins wandering The Basilica, before being accosted by a fellow Gnome. He introduces himself as Ulias Baradar Thiswell, the unofficial Duritanian liason to The Hand, assisting them with arcane research. Not all of the artificers are so friendly, however, with one passing woman dismissively referring to Angel as "another one". Thiswell shrugs it off, clearly use to a little casual speciesism.

As he leaves the High Priest's office, Draven is accosted by a 15-year-old accolyte, whom he immediately hugs. It's his son, Tobin, who reveals that Draven is in fact the Marquis of Rowan, a valuable province in northern Verandi containing a major city of the same name, which he of course cannot make any use of due to the presence of the Deluvians for the past 171 years.

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  • This episode probably marks the first appearance of Giselle Kira, although she is referred to only as "the arms trainer" and is depicted using a generic guard sprite.